Friday, January 12, 2007

altar installation and silent protest in durham sunday

Because direct and immediate action is love, and revolution, and beauty, and resistance, and ....

Because art is action all over this globe Because we are we are we are we are we are agentsloversalliessurvivorsstriversresisterssistersfightersradicalsfamily

Because nifong is not the glue that holds this case or this community togetherBecause we will not be silenced or confused in the face of white racist patriarchy and sexual violence...

beacause we need....Movement now...

If you want to sit and meditate silently in front of the Court House Sunday meet us there!Bring a flower, a poem, a candle, a stick of incense, a piece of art work and... let's collectively focus positive energy on healing our ourselves and our community.

This is not an overly choreographed event, just show up at the court house around 12 noon Sunday 1/14.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

in my mother's likeness

the slack hip and urban cheek
the kitchen that slicks neck easily

not her tree limb legs
twig like fingers
piano ear or cato skin
(because my daddy is the color of ocean's edge)
but eyes

oh the seeking eyes identical shimmering
glass in both our skulls

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hocking a Wedding Ring Published at


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Hocking a Wedding Ring Published in online journal for women poets!

love and light,

ebony golden,
betty's daughter literary press

for harryette~~~~~ again!

for harryette~~~~

We collect things that matter. Trinkets. Love letters. Ideas that set earth's orbit. Sunrises and warm remembrances to smooth forehead-wrinkles and soften the grimace into a smile. We collect things like malleable dirt and fresh fruit beauty. A call. A call. To the new school poetics of fresh birth. A call. A call. To what once was and was never trash. Recycled gold I say. We answer recycled gold. Old wor(l)ds. New gold.

Ebony to Publishes Review of Recyclopedia in BIBR

Renewed Treasure: Recyclopedia in Review

By: Ebony Noelle Golden, MFA

Recyclopedia. Harryette Mullen.
St. Paul: Graywolf Press, 2006.
178 pp.
Price: 15.00 USA
18.95 Canada

Thinking thought to be a body wearing language as cloth-
ing or language a body of thought which is a soul or body
the clothing of a soul, she is veiled in silence. A veiled, un-
available body makes an available space.
-from trimmings

For hip readers who were, are, and will be in love with Trimmings, S*PeRM**K*T, and Muse &

Drudge. For the hydrating drink that is Harryette Mullen’s quintessential riff on gender,

language, geography, and legacy. For the poems re-gifted as lagniappes of light to enliven our

collective intellect; Harryette Mullen, Professor of English and African American Studies and

finalist for the National Book Award offers her new collection of previously published works in

Recyclopedia published by Gray Wolf Press. Mullen, dubbed “The Queen of Hip Hyperbole” by

Sandra Cisneros, reveals an intensely intricate and bitingly fresh approach to literary craft

which politicizes diction, exfoliates imagery, and reflects the brilliant glow which situates her in a

category poets, and writers alike, work ever so vigilantly to achieve. Mullen’s poems

deconstruct archetypal ideals of consumption, value, and economic class structure. She


“Pyramids are eroding monuments. Embalmed soup stocks
the recyclable soul adrift in its newspaper boat of double
coupons. Seconds decline in descent from number one, top
of the heap. So this is generic life, feeding from a dented
cant. Devoid of colored labels, the discounted irregulars.”

Long time Mullen enthusiasts and new readers can look forward to poems that spark critical

thought and conversation about local and global issues without heavily ladled didactic

overtures. Recyclopedia is elegantly spiced with imagistically rich verse, written in

short-lined stanzas, and concerned with historical, spiritual, and body narratives.

For example,

“bring money bring love
lucky floorwash seven
powers of Africa la mano
poderosa ayudame numeros suenos

…sister mystery listens
helps souls in misery
get to the square root
of evil and render in moot…”

This excerpt examines Yoruba spirituality and the cultural significance of the

conjure woman; but moreover, illustrates Mullen’s masterful and singular

approach to exploring Africana motif and symbology without clich├ęd

language and skin-deep imagery.

Harryette Mullen’s body of work, in general, and Recyclopedia, in

specific, demands readers to re-imagine and re-envision the possibilities of poetry. Additionally,

this collection urges readers to retire static assumptions about what creates readable, relevant,

and resonant poems. I highly recommend Mullen’s newest addition to the overpopulated

literary landscape for its quick wit, sharp intellect, and colorful approach to literary craft. Read

Recyclopedia and experience or re-acquaint yourself with one of contemporary poetry’s most

important treasures.

Author’s Biography

Ebony Noelle Golden, MFA, is a poet, performer, and educator currently teaching African American Literature, Composition and Creative Writing at North Carolina Central University and Louisburg College as a Visiting Instructor. She has self-published a chap book of poems titled the sweet smell of juju funk and is currently editing mama's hieroglyphics to be released in 2007. In the near future, Ebony plans to undergo doctoral studies in Performance and stage her multimedia choreopoem, What Aunt Sarah Says to Siffronia When Sweet Thing is Moon-Watching and Peaches is Dancing to the Wind. Ebony can be contacted via email at or

Calendar of Events

  • June 1- Official Launch of Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative
  • May 10, 7 pm, Gumbo YaYa @ Roses and Bread Women's Poetry Reading, Performance/Body Insallation, Brecht Forum NYC
  • May 10, all day, Experimental Theatre Final Performances NYU
  • May 7-8, all day, Gumbo YaYa, MA Symposium NYU
  • April 23, 6 pm Gumbo YaYa, -ism Gala NYU
  • March 26, 7 pm, Gumbo Yaya/ or this is why we speak in tongues, Tisch School of the Arts, Forum Series
  • Feb. 7, Brecht Forum, 730, moderating NO! film screening
  • Jan. 4, Common Ground Theatre, 8 pm, performance art night---Holding Space (a love poem for Meghan Williams)
  • Dec. 12, Ripple in Brooklyn, 8 pm, sharing poetic vibes for a jazz/blues show
  • Oct 27, Duke University, 9:45 am, Women Engage Hip-Hop Panel
  • Sept 14, PS @ Tisch, How Much Can the Body Hold
  • Sept 19, Righetous AIM, NC A & T
  • August 31-Sept 2, 75TH Highlander Anniversary
  • Anti-prison Industrial complex performance, Durham, NC
  • April 30 Shout Out, Carrboro, NC
  • April 24 Fingernails Across Chalkboard Reading, Washington, DC
  • April 14 Poetry Month Reading, Durham, NC
  • 3/31 Ringing Ear Reading, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Wednesday 3/21 - 7 pm Miller Morgan Auditorium, Performative Healing and the Work of Ntozake Shange, Lecture